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Speech Therapy: What it is and how it works

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Rehabilitation is a broad term comprising of various sub-sections. Occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, physiotherapy and audiology are the main components of the ‘rehabilitation ‘process’. The main focus of the NDIS Physiotherapy Brisbane rehabilitation process is to help a patient regain strength, speech and movement of the body, enabling them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

After a severe illness, injury or surgery, some patients find it hard to recuperate. There are also some congenital anomalies whereby newborns require assistance to perform routine activities. Helping such patients get back to their feet is the main aim of occupational therapy Springfield currently offers. The process does not only help in improvising the physical aspect, but it also has positive effects on social, psychological and emotional spheres of the patients.

Job profile of OT, physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Assistants

There are various courses and study programs which give certification to work as NDIS Physiotherapy Brisbane assistants in respective fields. Having a degree and relevant work experience helps in getting lucrative jobs in Physiotherapy, rehabilitation sector and OT. Generally, all rehabilitation assistants work as teams in collaboration with other health care practitioners like nurses and physicians. Therefore, an environment that’s patient-friendly and exhibits the team qualities is the best suited for this job.

The job profile is vast and includes other kinds of technical and physical manoeuvres. A rehabilitation process comprises of various stages. The area of work also differs as per the conditions and requirements of the patients.

Some patients are called to private clinics or gyms for carrying out exercises under supervision, while others are given a set of physical exercises that they can perform at home. In other patients, learning has to begin from scratch, such as assisting them in eating, dressing, bathing etc. Finally, there’s a section of patients that’s unable to move. In such cases, home visits are paid.

Career scope and Remuneration

Speech pathology Townsville jobs are available in varied roles. Apart from dealing directly with patients in several health establishments, speech rehabilitation assistants can work in programme conducting and administration teams. This includes preparation and management of schedules for different patients, dealing with the maintenance of medical equipment and technical support. Speech rehabilitation jobs are diverse.

If you’re looking to venture into this field, you can start your career by joining orthopaedic clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation homes, residential care etc. Establishing a private clinic is also an option, but it usually covets higher investment. Young professionals can, however, choose to work on a part-time basis for various health functionaries.

Speech pathology Brisbane therapists and rehabilitation assistants careers options are enormous and qualified professionals are in high demand in the current medical world. The functional area can be chosen based on inclinations and personal interests, for example, paediatric care, geriatric care, orthopaedic care etc.


Possessing instincts to serve people is an important quality required to become a successful NDIS physiotherapy Brisbane rehabilitation professional. Adaptability and flexibility to long working hours are also needed to survive in the challenging health care profession. Those that find satisfaction in serving people and can work as a team have a bright future as rehabilitation assistants.